Journal Ad for OCLT Summer Receptions

Digital Event Journal & Print Program
Outside Back Cover $2,500
Inside Front Cover $1,500
Inside Back Cover $1,250
Full Page Ad $1,000
Half-Page Ad $500

Digital Event Journal Only
Quarter-Page Ad $300
Business Card $150

Print Program Only
Tribute (up to two lines) $150

Ad Specifications:
Covers- 4.75 wide x 7.75 tall
Full- 4.75 wide x 7.75 tall
Half- 4.75 wide x 3.75 tall
Quarter- 2.25 wide x 3.75 tall
Business Card- 2.25 wide x 1.75 tall, or include your card with this form
Formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF
For assistance or to submit your ad, e-mail

Journal Ad Options: pdf, jpg, tiff files preferred