Lecture by Dr. Richard Hull: Sugar Loaf History; Mountain and Hamlet

Jasper Francis Cropsey, American, 1823–1900. Brimstone and Sugar Loaf Mountains from Warwick, 1872. Oil on canvas, Princeton University Art Museum. Gift of the Newington Cropsey Foundation. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Watch the video of Professor Hull’s informative lecture on the history of Sugar Loaf.

Topics included: the Native American, Colonial and Independence eras focusing on the uniqueness and vital importance of the mountain and hamlet area to our county’s natural and human communities.

Learn about what makes Sugar Loaf so fascinating, so interdependent, and so historically important to us today. Moreover, what makes the iconic mountain itself so unique and worthy of protection.

Sponsored by: Orange County Land Trust, Chester Historical Society, Sugar Loaf Historical Society, Warwick Historical Society, and Vision Hudson Valley.