Louis Mills Conservation Society

This esteemed society honors the memory of Louis Mills, founder and first President of the Orange County Land Trust. Our mission is derived from his clear founding goal: to protect and preserve scenic and environmentally sensitive areas of the County for future generations, in response to anticipated growth and irresponsible development. Members of the Louis Mills Conservation Society support our commitment to his vision.

Louis Mills served as president of the Orange County Land Trust for 10 years. A lover of nature, he was a key force in regional environmental conservation. In later years, he wrote several historical essays on a range of topics including Revolutionary War battles fought in the Hudson Valley. His local influence was far-reaching. A U.S. Navy Reservist, Louis was elected Mayor of Middletown at age 27. He later served on the Advisory Council of the Hudson River Valley Commission at the appointment of Governor Nelson Rockefeller, the New York State Commission for Riparian Claims on the Neversink, the New York State Office for Local Government, as President of the Hudson Valley Regional Council, and as Chairman of the Orange County Planning Board.

During his two-term tenure as County Executive, Mr. Mills championed many environmentally- and citizen-friendly endeavors, including: the expansion of the County Parks system, the establishment of the County landfill, and the creation of the Orange County Human Rights Commission.

The Orange County Land Trust pays tribute to Louis Mills by protecting and preserving the County’s natural areas including biologically sensitive habitats and wetlands, scenic ridgelines, working farmlands and pristine woodlands.

You are invited to join our special giving program, the Louis Mills Conservation Society, which supports Louis Mills’ vision and hopes for Orange County. As a Conservation Society member, you undertake a three-year gift pledge, which ensures you are making a lasting impact on our work in Orange County, and by guaranteeing a strong fiscal basis for our operations and land protection endeavors.

Here’s how it works:
1. Contact Sarah Hutton (845-534-3690) for information and a pledge form.
2. Choose a monthly or yearly pledge.
3. Meet that pledge annually for a three-year period.
4. After the three-year period, request a new pledge to continue your membership.

The minimum per annum donation is $500.

When you join this special membership society, you receive the satisfaction of providing a financial foundation for Orange County Land Trust’s continued work through your multi-year commitment and become part of a special group of individuals and families who sustain the future of Orange County and the mission of the Orange County Land Trust.

Donate via PayPal with any major credit card or from your PayPal account.

Three Year Commitment