Save Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugar Loaf Mountain from Knapp’s View, credit: Nick Zungoli

The Orange County Land Trust has entered into a one-year option agreement with the landowner to purchase over 300 acres of forest, agricultural land, and rocky summit comprising Sugar Loaf Mountain. By purchasing this pristine landmark, we can permanently:

• Protect water resources, forest, and wildlife habitat.
• Secure the first-ever public access to the mountain for outdoor recreation.
• Expand Goosepond Mountain State Park and connect trails.

Our plan to get there

Sketch courtesy: Tim Hull/Kory Trolio

We can’t do it alone

Donations from members of the community, like you, help make projects like these possible.

Support the Orange County Land Trust by making a charitable contribution today. Your generous support will ensure the protection of the Sugar Loaf Mountain property, and other irreplaceable natural landscapes and working farms.

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Please Note: The Sugar Loaf Mountain property is privately-owned and public access is prohibited at this time. The Land Trust kindly asks the public to respect private property.