Volunteer Opportunities

Birnberg Preserve: Saturday, September 18, 10am-1pm
Rain Date: Sunday, September 19, 2021
Birnberg Preserve was previously slated for development before OCLT protected the 187-acre property. A relic of that planned development is an old concrete cylinder near the entrance. The main objective of this event will be to remove any current vegetation and plant new native perennials in and around the planter and to beautify it with some paint. Plants will be generously donated by Golben Farms and Rich Pillar, and additional planting materials will be supplied by OCLT. Any remaining time will be spent on removing invasive species in the entrance area and along the Heritage Trail. Please bring your own work gloves, a hat, some water, and if possible, some additional garden trowels and other planting tools.

Click here to contact Kyle if interested or for more information. Thank you!